The Lucifer Esports revival! – LL Season 2 is coming up.

Dear Readers,

What we have been up to

We know… It’s been a little while since Lucifer Esports has organized any events like Lucifer League. Or even has done anything in the scene at all. But don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you guys. We have been creating an entire new management and staff over the last few months. And we’ve also brought back familiar faces like Synga and AmirZ. We have been planning this new season for months, and we feel it is finally time for us to step out of the shadows. And light the fire once more. It’s time for the Lucifer Esports revival.


The Lucifer Esports revival event

So hereby we are announcing Lucifer League – Season 2. The CSGO league will be running from the 1st of February till the 28th of February in 2021. It features two separate stages. The group stage and the playoffs stage. We have invested massively into getting the production value to where we want it to be, and I can promise you that it will blow your minds.
We’ve got a little sneak preview of it here:


What next

We will be releasing more information about Lucifer League – Season 2 as soon as we’ve made sure that everything is set and read to go. So make sure to follow our social media to stay up-to-date about the latest news around Lucifer League.

We recommend to people to join our Discord since most news about Lucifer League will be announced via Discord first and then to our other socials media.


Lucifer Esports Liquipedia page

We have seen the messages of teams and players requesting us to create a Liquipedia page for our future events. For this reason we have decided to actively create and update Liquipedia pages for every single event we organize. This includes our smaller events as well. Do know that it’s unlikely our smaller events will be approved.


Best Regards,

Nick van Raaij
CEO Lucifer Esports