The 4 teams heading for the csgo semifinals – Lucifer League Season 1

Lucifer League has been an amazing ride!

After a month of battling in the group stage and the quarter-finals of the Lucifer League it is finally time. Four teams that have shown their skill will be heading into the semi-finals starting tomorrow evening around 19.00 CET. It’s been a long ride and we are now getting close the end. This makes me happy, knowing that it has been an amazing season. But it also makes a little sad, knowing that it will be more then a month till the Lucifer Pro League. We do however have a qualifier for that league coming up at the end of February.

Here is a stream of in my opinion the most amazing game in the whole season.


A massive growth in Discord

Our Discord server started out with about 7 people in October. But since then it has grown insane amounts, now even having around 300+ members. I never expected us to grow so fast in such a short time. And I really hope we can keep this up in the future.

Technical difficulties

This first season of Lucifer League has been quite a though one for all admins involved. We knew we needed the best possible game experience for this league, but did not have any real experience in hosting large amounts of servers. Going from host to host caused a many great deal of problems. For this we are sorry, but it had to happen in order to improve our platform. We have now finally settled on using Dathost as our main hosting provider for now. And besides that we have finally perfected our game configs making it a more enjoyable and fair experience for teams participating in Lucifer.

The Lucifer League Semifinals

Tomorrow it will start. The first game of the semifinals will kick of at 19.00 CET on Twitch. Team Ares will be taking on Endangered Esports in what is likely going to be very exciting BO3 series. This game will decided who will be the first team in the grand finals. The other two teams participating in the semifinals are Eyeshield Challengers and LvLUp Esport. The date for this last matchup is however not yet decided.